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      Terminal systems


      Проблема печати в терминальных сервисах

      09:47, 28 марта 2005 ( )

      Specified port cannot be added. Request is not supported.

      Такое сообщение мы получаем при добавлении принтерного порта на сервере терминалов.

      Решение довольно просто, но весьма неочевидно.

      Нужно просто зайти в КОНСОЛЬ сервера терминалов непосредственно, а не в удаленном режиме. И все будет ок :)


      Citrix IIS XML Setup

      16:05, 15 марта 2005 ( )
      Just change permissions of Sсripts folder - add Everybody, and all is ok ) 

      Working with Roaming User Profiles

      14:49, 15 марта 2005 ( )
      by Jonathan Hassell
      Do you have a highly mobile local user base? Do your users tend to move about machines in your location, and if so, do they often complain to you that their personalized settings and desktop customizations don't travel with them? If you are shaking your head in the affirmative, then roaming user profiles may make your phone ring a bit less.

      Roaming user profiles are simply collections of settings and configurations that are stored o­n a network location for each user. o­nce you perform some fairly simple configurations, every time a user logs o­n to a machine in your domain with his domain credentials, that user's settings will follow him and automatically be applied to his log-on session for that particular machine.

      In this article, I'll show you how to create a baseline profile that will be used by default for new users wherever they log in, and then I'll share some tips o­n how to make a mass deployment of roaming profiles--particularly for users who already have customized their working environments--a bit easier for you.

      Creating a Basic Profile 
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