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      Поддержка нового сетевого адаптера в RIS

      17:15, 17 марта 2005 ( Microsoft Administration Remote Install  )
      Q. How can I add a new adapter to the list of supported Microsoft Remote Installation Services (RIS) adapters?

      John Savill
      InstantDoc #42476
      John Savill's FAQ for Windows

      A. To add a new adapter, perform the following steps o­n the RIS server:

      If the driver isn't digitally signed, you must configure the installation to ignore the driver-signing policy. To do so, open the RIS image's .sif file (e.g. Ristndrd.sif) and add the following line to the file's [Unattended] section:
      DriverSigningPolicy = Ignore
      Expand the NIC driver and copy the .inf and .sys files to the RemoteInstall\Setup\\Images\image\i386 folder. (Image represents the name of the image file.)
      Within the image's \i386 folder, create the folder structure $oem$\$1\Drivers\Nic. For example, create the folder
      Copy the .inf and .sys files that you copied earlier to the new folder.
      Open the .sif file for the RIS image, and add the following lines in the [Unattended] section. (If the OemPreinstall line already exists, edit the line to say yes instead of no.)
      OemPreinstall = yes
      OemPnpDriversPath = Drivers\Nic
      Restart the Boot Information Negotiation Layer (BINL) service by entering
      net stop binlsvc
      net start binlsvc

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