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      Если вы получили ошибку wfshell.exe HPBF322E.DLL problem

      10:05, 27 мая 2005 ( Administration Terminal systems Citrix  )
      Лучше всего лечится инсталлированием ScrewDrivers.
      Все лечится, как всегда, просто: инсталлим корректные драйвера для принтеров.

      И вот что советуют в Citrix:


      Because this file comes from different print drivers, it is difficult to isolate it to o­ne specific driver.

      1. Navigate to the following registry key:

        \Windows NT x86\Drivers\Version-2 and Version-3

      1. Look for HP Drivers where the provider for the driver is not Microsoft.
      2. Remove the driver.
      3. Either map the suspect driver to a different driver using the Citrix Management Console in MetaFrame XP or Wtsuprn.inf in MetaFrame 1.8, or replace the driver with o­ne signed by Microsoft.


        1. Additional information from HP.

        Download the latest HP drivers from

        For example

      The older HP Laserjet 4050 driver version shipped with resource file hpbafd32.dll version This driver may now try to access a newer hpbafd32.dll (installed by another printer driver).

        HP recommends upgrading this driver to version 4.27.4050.410 which will be compatible with the newer hbafd32.dll.

      Please note the HP naming convention 4.3. is superceded by 4.27.

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